Jill Ortiz is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor specializing in helping others take their fitness to the next level. Whether a beginner to fitness or a seasoned athlete, Jill thrives in pushing clients beyond perceived limitations, helping them get past excuses and getting results for the long term. Jill’s signature classes include INSANITY LIVE and CORE DE FORCE LIVE.

Jill's Mission Statement: Lead by example, mentor success seekers to find the courage to chase their dreams. 


Leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. As a child I was shy and introverted. It was through study abroad in Chile and China (bye-bye comfort zone), participating in team sports as teammate and captain, and as a young professional finding my voice and honing my strengths, that  I came in to my own in my adult life as a proud leader.

In the trenches, always leading by example.


After a devastating back and leg injury in 2008, I had felt a loss in that I was no longer able to be the short stop, point guard, or anchor who could lead a team by example. That is why I will forever be grateful that the Beachbody programs helped me achieve new heights in my health and fitness and the coaching opportunity with Beachbody has given me back the leadership role that I had been missing for so long.


To be able to now mentor others , to teach them the ropes and share the formulas of what it takes to reach success, now that is rewarding!


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