FIXATE - My Favorite Cookbook

Fixate is hands down the most used cookbook that my household has ever known, and that is saying a lot because I own a lot of cookbooks. 

I bought the Fixate cookbook because it was created as a companion to Beachbody's Portion Control Nutrition System that uses color coded containers to assure that you are getting the right amount of healthy foods from the different food groups each day. The recipes use fresh whole food ingredients, are simple to make, taste delicious, and are broken down so you know exactly how to account for your servings in you daily plan. 

Below you can find some of my favorite recipes from the book, but I have yet to try all 101. Includes Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Gluten Free.

Fixate Cookbook - Zucchini Chips
Craving the salty crunchy flavor and feeling of your old potato chips. Forget those, because these are healthier and yummier!
Fixate Cookbook - Beef Stew
You know that comfort food that just warms your tummy and makes everything right in the world? That's this stew right here!
Fixate - Italian Wedding Soup
I'm not even Italian and I have made this soup perfectly so many times. Make it your own with your favorite greens. I love a combo of spinach and kale
Fixate - Pineapple Chicken Skewers
How can you not be grilling out in the summer. The combo of chicken, veggies and my favorite grilled fruit will leave you completely satisfied!
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