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New Year - New You (For the Moms) Achieving the Best Version of You in 2016

You’ve been on an airplane, right? You know the safety drill? In the case of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. It goes against our natural instinct as moms, as we seem conditioned to always put the needs and desires of our children and often our spouses before ourselves.

Some may think that the act of being selfless, strong and looking after others first is an honorable quality and to be mirrored in one’s own life. It may be the case sometimes, but in the realm of our health, nutrition and physical shape I’d beg to differ. Like the instance of the airplane oxygen masks, we moms are best suited to help our families and succeed in all areas of our life when we allow ourselves to make our mental and physical health a top priority. Happier mom – happier family

Healthier mom – healthier family

Mom who self-respects – children who self-respect

Top Excuses Why Change Hasn’t Yet Begun or Hasn’t Been Seen Through

As a Health Coach and mom, I have mom’s asking me every day for my advice on how to make changes now and going in to the New Year. The most common complaint I hear is that they don’t have energy! No energy to do holiday shopping, no energy to figure out what to cook for dinner or even to cook at all. No energy to play with their kids, go out with their spouses and friends, stay up past 10pm, or even for intimacy. I can relate. Life is busy, and exhausting, and it seems like life is always throwing us a curveball right when we think we are getting into our groove, right?

The next complaint I get is that there is no time for moms to take for themselves. No time to workout, or prepare healthy meals, for self-reflection or quiet reading. I understand. I work full time, just started up my own business, do the shopping and cooking, the pick-ups and drop-offs, and I too pee in the company of my children. Can you relate?

Lastly, what I hear quite often from moms who reach out for my help is that they have no clue where to start. Have you ever had a task so big on your to-do list that it was so much easier to complete every other little task that came up first that you perpetually put off doing that big thing because it was just so daunting? It’s ok, it happens, maybe you just didn’t have the right support system, the tools, and the knowledge of how to break this daunting task of making change down into manageable bite sized pieces.

Where to Start Your Journey to Better Health and Fitness

I truly believe that the recipe for success in getting fit includes these main ingredients:

-Accountability – It wasn’t until this year that I had ever had someone who offered to hold me accountable to my nutrition plan and daily workouts. I’m telling you it is the number one thing that has made all the difference. My own health coach asked me in January of this year to do a daily check in with her each night for 21 days, and to be honest about my food consumption, how I felt during and after my exercise, how much sleep I got, and how much water I drank. In those 21 Days I lost 10 pounds and was more honest with myself than I had ever been. Whether it comes from having a coach like me, a group of friends, Facebook community or accountability group, or a notebook where you write down everything having to do with your mission for better health, that accountability will be the glue that ties your commitment to your results.

-Having a Reason WHY that Outweighs Your Excuses – While you will be able to rely on your source of support to provide you with encouragement and tools, and an ear for listening to your triumphs and struggles, what it can’t provide you with is drive and commitment. When I begin coaching someone, I let them know that I will be there 100% to help and encourage them and to get them started right in their program. The fire, however, to make a change has got to be burning deep in their belly. If their desire and reason for wanting to see and feel a change is not stronger than their excuses, then they will not succeed. You are the only one who is responsible for seeing your journey through and knowing when you struggle, Why did you begin this journey and how important to you is the change you wanted to realize?

-Having a Plan and Being Prepared – Life will inevitably throw you curveballs, kids will get sick, you will lose sleep, and so much more. Your ability to create a plan and have a backup plan is going to make sticking to the program so much easier. So first you need to plan your workouts. Write them in your calendar and treat them like very important appointments that you just cannot miss. I plan my workouts for first thing in the morning because the kids are often still asleep, I can get it done before there is opportunity for excuses and being sidetracked, and if something does come up that is unexpected, I still have the entire day to get it done. I have also learned that you really don’t need more than 25-30 minutes each day to get a very effective workout, you just need to be combining muscle building moves with cardio and stretching, which is totally doable in that amount of time.

Second is having a detailed meal plan. Now some people may like to plan their week’s worth of meals, prepare and portion it out ahead of time, which is a fantastic time saver. Or if you are like me, I do most of my meal planning each night for the day ahead. I like to change up what I eat so I don’t get bored. I will write out my next day’s plan, and in the morning gather all of the food I will need while out of the house for the day. That way all I have to do is eat what I have packed according to my plan. It takes out a lot of guesswork, opportunity for cheating, and time wasted on figuring out what to do for a snack or meal on the fly. It also saves a ton of money because you are not eating out for double the cost of your food brought from home!

-Using a Proven System for Fitness and Nutrition that will Work if You Follow it – Ok, I admit it…I am so guilty of buying fitness programs in the past, doing one workout, and leaving them on a shelf to collect dust! Dusty DVDs do not make you lose weight folks! Worse than that, the nutrition plans that came with the programs… I threw them in the garbage, believing that my mostly healthy eating habits and love for my gym time would make me skinny. Boy was I wrong! Earlier this year I started a fitness program that included 30 minute daily workouts, a portion control nutrition system, and a daily meal replacement shake. I invested the money in it, about $5 a day when I broke down the cost, and resolved to follow the program to a tee. Well 3 weeks later and ten pounds lost, it finally clicked. Since then, I have completed three other programs in the same fashion, and have completely given myself a health and fitness makeover to be proud of! All in all I lost 6 sizes in 10 months and have gained energy, confidence, better functioning organs and drive. I created healthy habits by trusting in the suggested changes and scientific methodologies of these programs. There are so many companies out there right now that are trying to end the trend of obesity and create products that are safe and effective for creating your desired physique. I encourage you to do your research, choose and invest in a program that will work for you. You may just see results that you never even believed were possible.

Are You Ready for a New You for the New Year?

If you do not already have someone that you know who can help you get started, I am happy to help you begin your journey to better health. I am pleased to listen to your needs and concerns, find the right style of exercise and a great nutrition plan that will cater to your specific needs and likes. We can evaluate your goals, and what it will take to get you to them and maintain your results for the long run. You are worth it!

To get started on your journey to better health with me, fill out this form: https://jillortiz21.wufoo.com/forms/coach-jill-getting-to-know-you-questionnaire/

You can also friend me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jillsakoloveortiz and follow my Facebook business page: www.facebook.com/westchesternyhealthcoach

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