Let's get you set up and on your way to a new level of fitness! Just follow these steps to make it happen.

Download the Beachbody on Demand (BOD) app


This will give you access to your digital streaming library with workouts, calendars and nutrition plans immediately upon purchase.

To access BOD from an Apple Device

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Every program in your library has a nutrition plan you can open and print out. Depending on the package you purchased, you may receive a hard copy as well. Our general plan that can fit into any program is the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition.

Learn about and pick out your Nutrition System

Join my Facebook Community


The Fit Forever Virtual Gym is our place to check in together consistently, encourage and inspire one another. I post valuable daily content to enhance your journey and encourage you to post anything you find of value along the way as well.  You will see me staying accountable to myself daily, sharing my meals and workouts because I need that too! This is a really positive place for you to work on becoming your best self, feel like part of a team and be accepted for who you are no matter where you are in your journey. See you in there!  

Schedule Time to Chat

The better I can get to know you, the better recommendations I can make on fitness programs, nutrition systems and any extra supplements that might help you. I also love to suggest books for mindset!

Pick your Path - Exploring Coaching


When I started my Beachbody fitness journey, a week in I signed up as a COACH...no no no... hear me out!  I just wanted the 25% discount on my Shakeology which I instantly fell in love with! A week later, I had friends and coworkers wanting to make healthy changes like I did, so I helped them get started and made some extra spending cash. Eventually I saw a vision for what being a business building Coach could mean for my life, and my life is now forever changed for the better. Click here or on the picture below to watch a video on what it's like to become a Beachbody Coach on My TEAM! 


I am here for YOU... but only as long as you are committed to being here for yourself too! I will reach out to you periodically and I hope you will do the same when you want to tell me about your victories and get some help with your struggles. I have also made a commitment to show up daily on my social media as a means of accountability in my journey and to encourage and inspire you. You may reach out to me any time, but please be sure to read my WEEKLY FRIDAY EMAILS. At the bottom of each email, you will see a check-in opportunity. If you fill me in on your week, I promise a prompt response, encouragement and answers to your questions!